Eat, Brand, Love / Refined Presentation video

Just a link for easier access to the video.


Branding Project Progress

It’s the second week of our 3rd Term Project. I chose the Branding Project and for this Friday (Today) we are supposed to bring in a short video of our research and our progress on creating a brand. I will write a bit more in my upcoming blog posts about the project itself and every detail of it. Until then, check out the video!

Use the link below for normal HD quality! I repeat, use the ‘PowToon’ link! Not YouTube player. YouTube gives crap quality because I had troubles exporting the video and I am just posting it as a player just in case the link stops working. Either way, if you have any comments, suggestions or tips, please feel free to comment and write me!


CTS Presentation : “Imagine a world without photographs?”

For the first CTS session after our easter break, we were asked to bring in a presentation by using the Pecha Kucha method of our chosen subject / question of our essay.

The original Pecha Kucha essentially is a short presentation of 20 slides 20 seconds each (more info at We were asked to do a shorter version of 10-12 slides approx. 18 seconds each. I chose my question from my CTS Tutor’s Mark Ingham’s lecture and it is:

SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP: Imagine a world without photographs?

So these are the links to the presentation where I cover and answer Why, How, What, Who, Where and When questions regarding my subject:

Research Document / Project Feedback

  • Plan from March 24th backwards. Think of time, which will need to be invested.
  • Finalize max 1 week before deadline to have time to print the research document.
  • Think of changing the research document orientation from landscape to portrait
  • Think about the audience for all projects
  • Best format to bring in for Crimes Against Design
  • Too much text in research document
  • No copying from internet (unless sourced and not very lots of text)
  • Images only 300 DPI, not less.
  • Volunteering from friends?
  • Why?
  • Even spaces
  • Experiment with lighter colours
  • Arts intervention heading
  • Make borders differently
  • Two columns on bank sys page
  • Widows. Clear them
  • A bit more explaining in text
  • No borders

Reading for Academic Purposes

Contexts & Theories in BA Graphic & Media Design at LCC


Pritchard, A. (2008) Studying and Learning at University. London: Sage Study Skills

Chapter 2: Reading for Academic Purposes
• A consideration of the central role of reading in your study
• The idea of ‘active reading’
• The importance of what is known as ‘clear thinking’ whilst reading
• The description of different strategies for effective reading
• The idea that you should always challenge what you read
• The importance of keeping a record of what you read


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